Shelter Evaluation
This website provides information about an animal shelter evaluation

Why An Evaluation

Shelter management and operations are the top reasons why animal sheltering organizations/departments receive scrutiny and become the subject of negative media attention.

Most shelter staff and leaders do not have the experience and skill set to effectively identify and address these complex issues.  As a result, many animal shelters endure negative attention, decreased funding and a series of leadership changes.  This happens time and again because the very problems themselves are never identified and resolved.  

But you can do something proactive to alter the course of your shelter's future through Animal Shelter Service's independent, third-party, objective evaluation conducted by industry experts.  

Animal Shelter Services is uniquely qualified to perform your shelter evaluation for many reasons, but primarily because co-founders Marlene Walsh and Tim Crum have toured and visited more than 300 animal shelters in 50 states and 8 countries. Collectively, Marlene and Tim have over 40 years experience working in the animal welfare industry for local animal shelters and national animal welfare organizations .  They have both achieved a high level of success at all levels and are recognized for their work by industry peers. As a result of their work and reputation, they are regularly invited to give presentations at local and national conferences.

A shelter evaluation is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your organization.  Not only can we identify your organization's weaknesses and threats and put you on a detailed path to correcting them , but we'll also identify your strengths and opportunities and help you capitalize on them.  As a result, your organization will be positioned for success.



Our company is uniquely qualified to conduct animal shelter evaluations for a myriad of reasons:

     1). We offer the most comprehensive shelter evaluation in the entire country.  Whereas most companies and individuals who offer evaluations focus on three areas – Facilities, Operations and Animals (see 'What is an Evaluation'), we recognize that an animal shelter is a complex-system in which other areas (such as volunteers, fundraising, marketing/public/community relations, and governance) impact the overall ability to operate an animal shelter.  Therefore, our shelter evaluation is inclusive of all aspects of animal shelter operations.

     2)We have conducted more animal shelter evaluations than the next two competitors combined.   We have the experience and skills to deal with a myriad of situations, including sensitive and confidential issues. Experience matters.

     3). Company CEO Tim Crum is an expert on animal shelter operations and provides workshops on shelter operations and has even taught evaluators with other firms.  (Tim is a lead instructor with Humane College, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education and development to animal shelter professionals).  Industry professionals seek out our firm as thought leaders and industry experts with “know how”.

4).We are a trusted for our knowledge, expertise and impartiality.  In several legal matters, both plaintiff and defendant attorneys have agreed upon our company as THE experts to conduct an impartial and objective evalulation to help resolve unresolved allegations and disputes.

     5). Tim Crum is a two-time winner of the International Business Excellence Awards (2016 & 2016).

     6). We utilize a triangulated approach to shelter evaluations.  This means we will examine your written policies & procedures then compare them to your actual practices then compare both to industry best practices.  This approach provides you with the most in-depth examination of your overall animal shelter operations.

7). Whereas some evaluators have had experience working for one, maybe two animal shelters, our team has had experience and success at multiple animal shelters from inner city to rural settings, from small budget to large budget, and from non-profit to municipally run shelters.  By selecting us, you will get the most experienced team in the industry.

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