Shelter Evaluation
This website provides information about an animal shelter evaluation

What is an Evaluation

A shelter evaluation is a comprehensive examination of everything involving the operations and governance of your animal shelter or animal control.  This 360' look at your shelter will identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  You'll benefit by receiving recommendations to capitalize on your strengths and seize your opportunities while also addressing your weaknesses and identifying and preparing for threats.  As a result of a shelter evaluation by Animal Shelter Services, your animal shelter will implement best practices, operate more efficiently, and as a more lives!  We can help your organization achieve stability, sustainability and success.


Here are the areas that our shelter evaluation will examine:

      I.                  Facility: interior/exterior appearance, size, housing capacity (kennels, cages, condos and community rooms), conditions, parking, sights, sounds, and odors

    II.                  Operations: hours, policies, procedures, practices, funding/budget, staffing & management, organizational structure, training & development, fees, money-handling & accounting, forms, software, record-keeping, programs, services, customer-service, emergency planning

   III.                  Animals: care, handling, feeding, cleaning & sanitation, medical (including equipment & supplies), intake exams & vaccination protocols, viral & disease control and containment, housing, conditions (including temperature & humidity readings), capacity for care, behavior, euthanasia, fostering, adoptions, lost & found, fees, adoption procedures, satellite adoption locations, animal control activities

  IV.                  Fundraising: activity, plan, staffing, cultivation, solicitation, grants, direct mail campaigns, online/digital campaigns, event fundraisers, money handling, data entry, donor base, software

   V.                  Marketing and Public & Community Relations: staffing, image/brand, reputation, activity, plan, relationships, media contacts, collaborations & partners, outreach, education, social media

  VI.                  Volunteers: activity, hours, policies, procedures, practices, expectations, job descriptions, manual, training & development, volunteer-staff relationship

 VII.                  Governance: duties, responsibilities, expectations, manual, training & development, giving, meetings, minutes, structure, governance

     Vehicles: maintenance, appearance, condition, safety, equipment

     Field Services*: number of officers/agents, size of service area, compliance with codes, laws & regulations, training & certifications (i.e. disaster response, large animal handling, animal; cruelty & investigations, dog fighting etc), customer service, service delivery, response time, evidence collecting, court appearances, education

             * Field Services. Since only some animal sheltering organizations & departments offer any type of field service, examination of this area is considered an add-on service and is an additional fee determined by the number of officers,agents size of service area and number of calls handled per year.


We use industry standards including source material from:
  • ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
  • HSUS (Humane Society of the United States)
  • AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association)
  • NACA (National Animal Care and Control Association)
  • ASV (Association of Shelter Veterinarians)
  • AAWA (Association for Animal Welfare Advancement)
  • AFP (Association of Fundraising Professionals)
  • NCNP (National Council of NonProfits)
  • NHRA (National Humane Resources Association)
  • NARC (National Association of Regional Councils)
  • Federal, State and Local Codes, Laws, and Regulations related to animal care and control

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