Shelter Evaluation
This website provides information about an animal shelter evaluation

Evaluation Cost

Our comprehensive animal shelter evaluation includes the following:
  • Preliminary consultation with animal sheltering experts
  • Review of: all written standard operating procedures, organizational structure and governance, budget
  • 3-5 days on-site review performed by industry professional(s) (includes all consultant travel costs)
  • On-site meetings with shelter staff, volunteers, board/committee members
  • Focus group(s) and community survey(s)
  • Analysis of findings and development of a comprehensive written report with recommendations (includes webinar presentation of findings and recommendations)
  • 90-day follow-up
Animal Shelter Fundraising's all-inclusive fee to conduct an animal shelter evaluation varies in price from 10,000 - 30,000.  The size (and quantity) of the physical shelter(s);  the number of staff, board and volunteers; annual animal intake; number of programs & service offerings; and the budget size will determine the final fee for the shelter evaluation price.  The price range varies as follows:

     Small shelter: 10-15,000
     Medium shelter: 15,000-20,000
     Large shelter: 20-30,000

Completion of our questionnaire will allow us to determine the final evaluation fee.

We also offer "add on" components to the base shelter evaluation if your shelter/rescue group/municipality would like us to examine things not included in our standard evaluation such as:

  • animal control
  • salary comparisons
  • bench-marking reports
* optional adds-on priced separately
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